Artist Statement

My process is an exploration of the clutter in my home, my head, and my visual world — the body language of internet strangers, weeds growing by my bus stop, a pair of dirty chairs tangling with charging cords. I am drawn to subjects that spark a feeling of kinship in me. I pick rosehips to bring home to paint, take photos of signage downtown. Something draws me to these objects, and I work through paint and line to try to understand that pull. My paintings are self portraiture in the strict and loose sense: I work sometimes from selfies, sometimes from found imagery, but always with the desire to provoke a feeling of kinship, longing, or resonance. 

I’m interested in interrupting familiar mess with fantastical graphic elements from memory, dreams, signs, and the internet. There’s something in my work about longing for the impressions of childhood. My experience of the present moment is overlaid with visions of the past, strange words, lines and shapes. Bright, hot colors are bisected by wandering lines, often marked in ink, graphite and oil pastel. I take fragments of typography and revel in the poetry they reveal when separated from their original purposes. Layers of paint and marks show and hide the clutter of memory.